The Forest (album)

  • The Forest (album)

The Forest (album)

My First solo release album.

It contains various pieces of music I made for a now defunct Multimedia franchise. When I worked for the franchise my music was used on a web-based ARG, one of the top 100 fiction podcasts in America, an Instrumental EP, A youtube ghost hunting mini-series and a Musical. Unfortunately the company I made the music for was run by a terrible person so you can't find much of that work online anymore as they tried to delete their internet presence.

Track Listing

  1. Dead Languages
  2. Higher Powers
  3. Forest Hymn x Gravity Falls
  4. The Podcast
  5. Why is the podcast in the desert
  6. In The Shadows
  7. The Podcast But Dramatic
  8. The Podcast Slowed Reverb